Hoh Aeronautics, Inc. was contracted by the FAA to conduct an analysis and simulation to investigate the problem of pilot overcontrol of rudder in transport aircraft.

A three phase program was developed. Phase one was to determine the motion system requirements of the simulator and obtain some initial results. Phase 2 was to identify factors that lead to rudder overcontrol. These phases have been completed. A Phase 3 effort is planned to investigate unanswered questions related to yaw damper performance during overcontrol, and aerodynamic factors that increase the tendency to encounter very high sideslip angles when rudder is overcontrolled.

A summary of the results of the work accomplished to date can be obtained from the link to a technical paper presented to the AIAA Criteria to Mitigate Rudder Overcontrol in Transport Aircraft. (325 Kb file)

More detailed information can be obtained from the following links to the Phase 1 and Phase 2 final reports.

Phase 1 Final Report Phase 1: Simulator Motion System Requirements and Initial Results. (2.9 mb file)

Phase 2 Final Report Piloted Simulation Study to Develop Transport Aircraft Rudder Control system Requirements Phase 2: Develop Criteria for Rudder Overcontrol (1.4 mb file)